Interior Landscaping by Unique Plant Rentals Inc

Welcome to Indoor Landscaping by Unique Plant Rentals Inc. We provide a wide array of
Interior Landscape services for our customers throughout the Los Angeles area.

Free Design-Space Consultation, No Obligation….
for Plants and Containers by Professional Designer

Here is a partial list of the services that we provide:

  • Indoor Plant Design
  • Installation of Indoor Plants and decorative containers
  • We service commercial buildings, offices and lobbies
  • Sales and Leasing of Indoor Plants and Decorative Containers
  • Indoor Plants for Offices
  • Indoor Plants for Lobby areas
  • Custom Interior Waterfall Landscape
  • Color Rotation including: Orchids, Bromeliads, and Poinsettia (during Christmas Season)
  • Plant Guarantee  for our customers who have a maintenance contract – call us for details 1-310-523-1013

Ask Us About Our Plant Guarantee for our
customers with maintenance contracts

We have a long history in the plantscape industry, with many years of experience. Unique Plant Rentals Inc was established in 1973, however our entry into indoor plant landscaping was actually much earlier. You can read our story, how Unique Plant Rentals came to be, on our About Us page.

Unique Plant Rentals Inc.,
Licensed State Contractor
State-Certified Pesticide Applicator

Living Plants are Nature’s Game Changer

LIVINGPLANTâ„¢ Part 1: Introducing Nature’s Game Changing Technology for the Modern Workplace. Video Published by Green Plants for Green Buildings. Unique Plant Rentals is a proud supporter of Green Plants for Green Buildings.

Indoor Plants Community Service Project

Community Service Project – Interior Landscape – Berkeley,CA A letter from Ken CEO, of Unique Plant Rentals Inc. This was a community service project that was done in Berkeley, CA. While visiting this facility with a youth group we saw a great atrium that was basically dead. All the plants were dead or dying and […]

Tropical Stream Interior Landscape Project

Custom Interior Landscape Design Project- Corporate Office, Torrance, CA For this commercial interior landscape project we were asked to create a custom interior landscape design, for a special one of a kind built-in planter. Tropical waterfall within a corporate building Plants were carefully selected for size, color, and texture in order to assure that the […]